7 Ways Technology Has Impacted On Recruitment Process

Be it famous professional networking sites and job boards or applicant systems on the Internet, technology has been a medium for a great revolution in the recruitment process all over the world. It has completely revamped how employers are reaching out to their potential candidates and are conducting interviews for the vacancies they have. Maybe there has been a change in the old school process of applying for jobs like application via registered posts, the current systems for approaching the companies and vice-versa are definitely quite easy and successful.

Analysing the impact of technology on recruitment

Here are some of the ways in which technology has had an effect on the recruitment process worldwide.

  • By the means of technology, it has become more convenient for the HR department to handle the huge amount of data they have to store during and after recruiting. Today, they have the options of cloud storage, hard drives and more to keep their data safe.

  • Global reach out to potential candidates has been one of the biggest impacts. Companies find out interesting profiles of applicants via professional networking sites like LinkedIn and contact the people who seem to have a suitable job profile according to their need.

  • Companies have started using social media to advertise for their upcoming vacancies to attract more and more candidates for applying. This has further enhanced their reach out.

  • Today, it is not necessary that interviews are conducted face to face only. If there are geographical distances, then interviews are conducted with video chats.

  • Smartphones have also helped people a lot in finding out new jobs of their choice and even applying using their mobiles, no matter where they are sitting or doing.

  • Thanks to technology, the response time of applicants as well as the companies have improved drastically. Messages are conveyed quickly via messages, calls, and emails; solving the concern of delays in communication at the right time.

  • Using technology, candidates get to enhance their resume even more now and also use hyperlinking for references in order to achieve stronger feedbacks.

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