A Smart Guide: How To Staff Your Small Business

Businesses are of varied sizes. Small business should have different approaches when compared to the big ones, be it the way they market themselves, approach customers or even function inside the organization. If you are looking for some worthy tips, you can take some advice from recovermywages.

Is yours a small business? Wondering how to staff it right? Here is a smart guide to help you through:


Be clear on what positions are available in your business. It is easy to get confused and overlap positions as one may not have to do much for one particular position. This confusion will not only make it hard to hire but also confuse the employee. When you know what positions are available in the company, you can hire accordingly.


As mentioned above, be clear of the requirements of the position. Even if you want a single person to do two different responsibilities, create appropriate positions and let them know what is exactly expected of them.


A good balance of good experiences and fresh minds is good for any business. The experienced minds will be able to guide and help in strategic decision making and reduce losses while the fresh minds can help in coming up with new ideas and strategies to improve the company.

Growth Plan

Be clear of the company’s growth plan and the plan for your employees. When you recruit a person, let them know what you have in mind for them and the company, this will help them decide if this is what they want. This, in turn, will reduce your attrition rate. A high attrition rate in a small company can be a big waste or employee training and recruiting programs.

Though yours is a small business, run it like it is a big business. Accommodate new ideas and policies if it can help you grow. When a person feels they are part something large, they are happy and satisfied. This will motivate them to do better.